Solsbury Hill

 Runnin' Down
 A Dream
 Addicted To
 I Will Follow

 We Can Work
 It Out
 'Till I Am Myself

 Message In A
 Heart Full of Soul
 High Class In
 Borrowed Shoes

  Karma Police

   Roll the Bones       

 Free Will

 Closer To The Heart

 Manhattan Project

 R30 Overture

All songs produced by E. Peter Guy in Hamilton ON.
Recorded in 2007 and 2009.

With appreciation and respect for the original artists, here are the links to their web sites,
www.rush.com, www.u2.com, www.theyardbirds.com,
www.pinkfloyd.co.uk, www.sting.com, www.petergabriel.com,
www.robertpalmer.com www.tompetty.com, www.thebeatles.com,
www.santana.com, www.bluerodeo.com